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Name:GLS series 1000-2000KG

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1. High-efficiency ω-enclosed flue gas heat exchange process

The structure has extremely high heat exchange efficiency between the flue gas and the water pipe. The inner ring hot water exchange pipe and the outer ring hot water exchange pipe form a natural circulation process, which effectively reduces the salt content of the boiler and reduces the scaling rate;

2. Equipped with integrated condensing heat exchanger

The natural gas boiler is equipped with a high-temperature economizer and a low-temperature condenser. The exhaust gas temperature is as low as 66°C. After the natural gas is burned, the water vapor condenses to release a large amount of high latent heat value, which fully absorbs the high heat value of natural gas, and the thermal efficiency reaches more than 100%;

3. No permit, fast steam

The water volume of the inner tank is 48.2L, less than 50L is exempt from the certificate, the steam can be discharged in 5 minutes, and the rated steam pressure can be reached in 10 minutes, and the steam is fast and convenient;

4. Automatic dosing device with guaranteed thermal efficiency

The unique arrangement of water pipes is designed to cooperate with the water supply agent, and the water supply is automatically added to maintain the pH of the feed water at 11-22, achieving the effect of deoxygenation and anti-scaling, reducing the amount of scaling, and ensuring the thermal efficiency of the boiler for a long time;

5. Fully automatic scale monitoring alarm (AMG)

Measure the fouling of the tube wall by monitoring the body's exhaust gas temperature. When the internal fouling of the boiler is slight, it will automatically alarm, and when the fouling is serious, it will be forced to shut down;

6. PLC control cabinet and high-end imported accessories (AMG)

It adopts 7-inch color touch screen PLC control, Italian Black & Decker burner, French Schneider Electric, southern stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump;

7. Online remote monitoring system (AMG)

Real-time monitoring of boiler operating pressure, exhaust gas temperature, body temperature, natural gas supply pressure, burner operating status (including air pressure, ignition device), water level status, boiler fault information, water pump operating status, etc.

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1. Boiler design and manufacturing are selected in accordance with the "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".

2. The heating surface material and welding rod and wire used in the boiler should have a quality certificate.

3. Boiler manufacturing is carried out in accordance with JB/T1618 "Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Pressure Components of Boiler Shell Boilers".

4. Boiler welding is carried out in accordance with JB/T1613 "Technical Conditions for Welding Boiler Pressure Components".

5. The welding of boiler pressure components must be performed by welders who have passed the examination of "Examination and Management Rules for Welders of Boiler, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe".

6. Boiler non-destructive flaw detection test According to JB/T4730 "pressure-bearing equipment non-destructive detection" and "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" Article 82, the welded seam should be 100% flaw detected, and the quality is not lower than II and qualified.

7. After the boiler is manufactured, it shall be carried out in accordance with JB/T1612 "Technical Conditions for Boiler Hydraulic Test", and the test pressure is 1.2MPa.

8. Refer to the relevant regulations of JB/T1615-91 for the paint, packaging and transportation of the boiler

This product is a combined customized product, please consult the sales engineer for specific parameters.

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