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Service support

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  Dedicated service never ends

  Since its establishment, Shanghai YANO Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always positioned product quality as the core of the company's participation in market competition. It is this successful positioning and the strong product quality awareness of all employees of YANO boiler company that make YANO boiler company become a well-known enterprise in China's boiler industry.

  The company guarantees that all the equipment provided to the user is brand new, unused and in conformity with the relevant provisions of the contract; It conforms to the national standard of "Regulations on safety supervision of special equipment". The product implements the lifelong maintenance system, and the free warranty period of the product is 12 months after the sale. During this period, due to product quality problems, the manufacturer implemented Three Guarantees (repair, return and replacement); Due to the user's use problem, the user will be charged according to the factory price. Other matters not covered shall be implemented according to the quality law.

  According to the product quality requirements, the company has established a strict quality inspection system. The company strictly controls and manages all links related to product quality, establishes scientific inspection procedures, quantifies the inspection indexes, and assigns responsibility to each person, so as to ensure the company's continuous and stable production of qualified products.

  The company strictly controls raw materials, eliminates "three no" products, selects accessories from famous manufacturers at home and abroad, establishes strict product process indicators, and establishes a good supply and demand relationship with accessories suppliers.

  The company has established a regular staff quality training system, learning new knowledge and information of quality management, establishing the quality awareness of every employee, and standardizing their own behavior. From a solder joint, a wire to a complete machine, they are meticulous and keep improving. The quality inspection department has established the standard inspection procedures, equipped with advanced and perfect testing equipment and means, and inspected in strict accordance with the procedures, and made good product commissioning records, so as to prevent a unqualified product from leaving the factory.

  Each pressure boiler of the company has been supervised and inspected by the special equipment inspection department of Shanghai Technical Supervision Bureau before leaving the factory. All the performance indexes have passed the test at one time. What you have is absolutely high-quality products. No matter now or in the future, we will make unremitting efforts to provide users with satisfactory products and services.

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