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  The development of the company always adheres to the people-oriented management concept, guided by the idea of "common development of the company and individuals", based on the optimal allocation of existing human resources, but also increases the development of human resources: through post analysis, formulate staff career planning, pay attention to staff training and growth, and realize the synchronous development of staff growth and company development planning objectives; Reform and improve the incentive mechanism, increase the intensity of rewards and punishments, establish the concept of performance, and establish a more scientific evaluation system of staff input and output, so that the income gap of staff can be reasonably widened with the size of responsibility and contribution; Establish an open, fair, competitive and selective talent selection and appointment system to create an environment for outstanding talents to stand out.

  Recruitment position:

  Domestic sales engineer

  Responsibilities: responsible for domestic product business.
  Job requirements: mechanical or e-commerce major, bachelor degree or above.

  International Sales Engineer

  Responsibilities: responsible for foreign product business.
  Job requirements: mechanical or e-commerce major, bachelor degree or above, good English writing and speaking ability.

  Design Engineer

  Responsibilities: responsible for the design and development of new products, and constantly improve and sort out the designed drawings.
  Job requirements: familiar with boiler manufacturing process and boiler regulations, more than 3 years of boiler industry design experience, familiar with the structure and principle of various boilers.

  Electrical engineer

  Responsibilities: responsible for the circuit design of new products and the continuous improvement and arrangement of the existing product control system.
  Job requirements: automatic control major, more than 3 years working experience in electrical industry, familiar with the control system principle of various boiler and system accessories.

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