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YANO E-class ultra-low nitrogen steam generator released

The 104th National Sugar and Alcohol Commodities Fair Time: April 7-9, 2021

China Washing Exhibition 2020

Shanghai New International Expo Centre Time: October 14-16, 2020

Walk with experts to promote professional growth

The 1st Shanghai Special Equipment Safety Technical Committee Boiler Safety and Energy Conservation Professional Working Group Meeting and Expert Appointment Ceremony was held at the headquarters of Shanghai YANO Boiler Company. Walk with experts to promote professional growth! Time: September 9, 2020

Have you got the necessary skills for choosing a boiler?

Boiler accidents happen from time to time. Choosing a safe boiler is extremely important to the life and property safety of users!   Boiler supplier searched tens of thousands of supply information online, how to choose?    Someone said, "I'm not afraid of not knowing the goods, I'm afraid of comparing goods!"    That’s right! Taobao is shopping around, you can choose the clothes, shoes, daily necessities you want...    But... can you choose a safe boiler?    Of course it's not that simple!   The editor will teach you how to get your eyes on the spot, and easily get the necessary skills to choose a safe boiler!   ●Look at the production qualification Whether it is food or boiler, the production license should be a necessary condition for the manufacturer. Users can choose the manufacturer with the corresponding qualification according to the size of the boiler they want to buy. level Manufacturing range A Unlimited B Steam boiler with rated steam pressure less than or equal to 2.5MPa (gauge pressure, the same below) C Steam boilers with rated steam pressure less than or equal to 0.8MPa and rated evaporation less than or equal to 1t/h; hot water boilers with rated outlet temperature less than 120℃ D Steam boilers with rated steam pressure less than or equal to 0.1MPa; hot water boilers with rated outlet temperature less than 120℃ and rated thermal power less than or equal to 2.8MW Note:    1. Hot water boilers with a rated outlet water temperature greater than or equal to 120°C are classified into Class C and above according to the rated outlet pressure.   2. Boiler manufacturing enterprises holding a high-level license can produce low-level boiler products.   3. Boiler manufacturing enterprises holding a C-level or above license can manufacture organic heat carrier boilers. For manufacturers that only manufacture organic heat carrier boilers, they should apply for a single manufacturing qualification for organic heat carrier boilers, and no level is required.   4. For manufacturing companies with a single product category, the scope of their license can be restricted, such as limited to components, materials, varieties, etc.    5. Licensed boiler manufacturers can manufacture sub-cylinders and water sub-cylinders that are compatible with boilers of the corresponding level.    Tips: Whether the company has production qualifications, you can check on this website:    After entering the company name, the search results are as follows: ●Look at the manufacturer’s quotation and contract. A boiler product quotation or contract can tell if it is a regular manufacturer.   1) See if the company name of the bidder and the production license are the same name, some illegal merchants usually go to the Internet to download the qualifications of others and mix them with their own production qualifications in order to conclude the transaction;    2) Check whether the parameters of the quotation are detailed, and whether the product case photos are the company's own products;   3) Whether the name and seal of the contract remittance account are consistent with those on the production license. ●Check whether the product sample book, instruction manual, and quality certificate are complete ●Look at product details and accessory brands. Having production qualifications is just the threshold. The details reflect whether a company has the ingenuity; a good accessory brand can escort the quality of equipment!   In summary, have you gotten the necessary skills for selecting a boiler?    If you think it’s not bad, please like and support! Don’t forget to follow us ↓

Do you need to apply for a boiler license for the boiler you purchased?

You may need such a boiler       But in fact, the boiler you may buy requires a license. So, should you apply for a license? What are the main points?    According to the latest "National Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations", steam boilers with an effective water volume of less than 50 liters and a design pressure of no more than 0.8 MPa do not need to apply for a boiler use certificate and a boiler operation certificate during use. Please do not be misled by some old-brand manufacturers who do not have a boiler production license or have a certificate but are not innovative, and continue to stick to the standard of a boiler-free license with an effective water volume of not more than 30 liters. Special reminder: Two furnace tanks (referring to double furnace tanks) of less than 30 liters are connected by pipes and share a set of control system. Only one water pump is used for water supply, and the water volume of the two furnace tanks needs to be calculated as one boiler. After the total is more than 30 liters, the "Safety Performance Supervision and Inspection Certificate" issued by the local special equipment inspection institute is required. If the total is more than 50 liters, the boiler use certificate and use operation certificate are required. Attached: The official website of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China on the question!

Daily maintenance of YANO electric boiler

Electric boilers can provide users with a convenient heat source. Doing necessary daily maintenance for the boiler during daily use can effectively reduce or even avoid the failure rate of electric boilers and extend the service life of electric boilers!
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