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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

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  Our corporate culture: sincere cooperation and happiness


  Heine said: "life can't blossom from lies." Keep your promise is to give your soul a pure land! If there is no pure land in your heart, you will never see the bright flowers smiling at you and the blue sky. As a YANO employee, we must be sincere and honest with colleagues and users to move everyone around us with sincerity from the bottom of our heart.

  Friendly cooperation, good at communication, modest and prudent, accept criticism, trust each other, dare to undertake, to achieve a cohesive and efficient cooperation of YANO team, to achieve one plus one greater than two.

  Happy work every day, happy life“ Think of the happiest things, do the hardest work, help the people who need the most, and go to work to find happiness. ". Happiness comes from their sincere devotion in their work, contributing to their strength and realizing their value. This kind of devotion is not only a kind of enthusiasm, but also a kind of real action. Happy mood, happy life, happy work, happy work.

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