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Name:LDR series 150-360KW

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1. Unique combined design without boiler license

This series of products is composed of 2-3 electric steam generators without pot inspection into a whole. The water supply, sewage and gas supply pipelines are connected before leaving the factory. After leaving the factory, the water volume of a single steam generator is less than 50L. Within the scope of exemption from the boiler use license, there is no need to apply for the boiler use license. The furnace tank is equipped with a built-in steam-water separator, which effectively reduces the steam water content and improves the steam quality;

2. Turn on on demand, and separate control for more energy-saving

The boiler can start different numbers of electric steam generators according to the steam demand, which avoids the loss of low-load utilization of large boilers, and the use cost can be saved by more than 10%;

3. The use of fully automatic computer welding liquid crystal display intelligent electronic control system

The boiler operating system is fully automatic, and the welding of the circuit board is computerized. Compared with the traditional manual welding, the operation is more stable and reliable. All operating status can be seen clearly on the LCD screen. You can observe the working status of the boiler electric heating tube, boiler water level status, steam pressure status, water pump running status, fault alarm status, etc. on the display screen. The timing control of the four time periods is more convenient, allowing you to grasp the boiler running status at any time , Use more at ease;

4. Use high-quality parts

a. High-quality electric heating tube: The electric heating tube is made of high-quality thick-walled 316L stainless steel tube, which has a service life longer than the commonly used 304 stainless steel tube. The service life of the heating tube; in addition, the electric heating tube is connected with the furnace body and flange, which is convenient for replacement, repair and maintenance;

b. High-quality electrical accessories: The electrical appliances adopt domestic well-known electrical appliances, which are safe and reliable;

c. High-quality pipeline connection: all pipelines inside the equipment are connected with instruments and meters using copper pipes, which are anti-corrosion and anti-rust;

5. Multiple interlocking safety protection functions

The product is equipped with overpressure protection such as safety valve and pressure controller to prevent the boiler from exploding due to excessive pressure; at the same time, it has extreme low water level protection. When the water supply is stopped, the boiler will automatically stop working, preventing the boiler from drying out. The electric heating element is damaged or even burned out; the leakage protector makes the safety of the operator and the equipment more guaranteed;

6. The quality inspection of professional equipment is safer

All the inner tank welds of all products have passed the X-ray inspection and the hydraulic test before leaving the factory, and there is no hidden danger in safety;

7. Very easy to install and easy to use

The products have passed strict debugging before leaving the factory. The user only needs to connect the power and water source and press the start button to enter the fully automatic operation state of the boiler without complicated installation;

8. Scientific design, exquisite appearance

It adopts cabinet-style scientific design style, reasonable internal design structure, and extremely convenient maintenance. The boiler shell adopts the one-time forming process of CNC cutting and CNC folding, with fine workmanship; the surface of the shell has been treated with high temperature spraying, which is durable and beautiful in appearance;

9. Centralized control system, the best energy-saving control scheme for centralized use of multiple boilers

a. Control principle: 40% of the main engine of the system is used as the main machine, 30% as the load regulator, and 30% as the peak use machine. The number of starts is automatically adjusted according to the pressure demand of the gas supply main pipe, and the boiler is used flexibly to achieve energy-saving effects;

b. Electrical principle: PLC module and color touch screen control, independent cabinet, more convenient operation;

c. Energy-saving effect: When the steam load is not constant, multiple boilers are used to replace one large-tonnage boiler. When the load varies from 30% to 90%, multiple integrated control systems are used to compare with one large boiler. It can save energy by 15%-30%.

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1. The manufacture of the boiler complies with "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations"; JB/T10094-2002 "General Technical Requirements for Engineering Boilers"; JB/T10393-2002 "Technical Conditions for Electric Heating Boilers".

2. The boiler water quality complies with GB1576-2001 "Industrial Boiler Water Quality".

3. The boiler installation complies with GB50273-98 "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Industrial Boiler Installation Engineering".

4. The hydraulic test of components should meet the requirements of JB/T1612 "Technical Conditions for Boiler Hydraulic Test", and the hydraulic test pressure is 1.05MPa.

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