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Name:1-6T fuel (gas) steam boiler

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1. Integrated combustion configuration system

This series of boilers adopts horizontal internal combustion, full wet back three-return structure, and adopts advanced threaded smoke tube heat transfer technology. The front and rear smoke boxes are equipped with detachable doors, and are also composed of a chassis, a shell and heat preservation, a burner, an electric control box, and corresponding water and electricity lines. Combustible heavy oil, light oil, natural gas and city gas, suitable for a variety of building heating, air conditioning and production needs.

2. Advanced automatic control function

It adopts automatic microcomputer program control, integrated automatic pressure control, flame detection, water shortage protection, automatic alarm and other intelligent controls, fool-style one-key control, and it can enter the fully automatic operation state with just one tap. All safety protection devices are No need to be on duty at the beginning of work, so that the operator is more at ease and worry-free.

3. Safety and scientific structural design

Equipped with multiple interlocking protection devices such as safety valves, pressure controllers, water level control protectors, etc., it is absolutely safe and reliable. The finned water pipe tubular furnace structure is used to effectively compensate for thermal expansion and prevent thermal expansion and contraction stress. The boiler structure is safe and reliable, and its service life is prolonged.

4. High-quality and fast steam

The unique design of the small water volume and large steam cellar allows you to obtain steam in the shortest time. The internal and external steam-water separation device ensures high-quality steam with high dryness. 

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1. Boiler design and manufacturing are selected in accordance with the "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".

2. The heating surface material and welding rod and wire used in the boiler should have a quality certificate.

3. Boiler manufacturing is carried out in accordance with JB/T1618 "Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Pressure Components of Boiler Shell Boilers".

4. Boiler welding is carried out in accordance with JB/T1613 "Technical Conditions for Welding Boiler Pressure Components".

5. The welding of boiler pressure components must be performed by welders who have passed the examination of "Examination and Management Rules for Welders of Boiler, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe".

6. Boiler non-destructive flaw detection test According to JB/T4730 "pressure-bearing equipment non-destructive detection" and "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" Article 82, the welded seam should be 100% flaw detected, and the quality is not lower than II and qualified.

7. After the boiler is manufactured, it shall be carried out in accordance with JB/T1612 "Technical Conditions for Boiler Hydraulic Test", and the test pressure is 1.2MPa.

8. Refer to the relevant regulations of JB/T1615-91 for the paint, packaging and transportation of the boiler.

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