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Name:9-72KW electric steam cleaner

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The project uses super-energy steam cleaners to clean items through high-temperature and high-pressure steam. Due to the high-temperature and high-pressure characteristics of steam, it has advantages that other cleaning methods cannot match. The steam cleaning machine is easy to operate and is equipped with a steam cleaning pipe and a cleaning gun. Normally, it only needs to be connected to electricity and water to enter the continuous cleaning operation. Steam cleaning has no damage to the equipment, no secondary pollution, and has the effect of high temperature sterilization and so on.

Advantages of steam cleaning:

1. According to different cleaning objects and scales, efficient cleaning and descaling are carried out to meet the requirements of different customers in various industries. The environmental pollution caused by the traditional cleaning process has been changed.

2. The equipment is cleaned without damage, which improves the service life of the equipment;

3. The steam does not produce any dirt and no secondary pollution;

4. It has the effect of high temperature sterilization in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Application areas:

1. Aerospace: Cleaning of composite molds (graphite epoxy molds and other composite structures), aircraft paint removal, engine carbon deposit cleaning, aircraft landing and jet engine rotation systems.

2. Automobile industry: Cleaning of internal carbon deposits in automobile engines (In the past, it took at least 48 hours to clean with chemical agents, and only 10 minutes with steam and detergent). Car carburetor cleaning, valve injector cleaning, and engine surface oil stain cleaning, etc.

3. Power industry: It can clean indoor and outdoor transformers, power distribution cabinets, wires and cables. The generators, motors, rotors, stators and other parts are cleaned without damage, as well as the rust, hydrocarbons and adhered powders of steam turbines, turbines, impellers, blades and other parts.

4. Petrochemical industry: Effectively remove rust, hydrocarbons and surface dirt on polyvinyl chloride resin, compressors, various pressure vessels and storage tanks on heat exchangers, and for other equipment such as machine tools, assembly lines, etc. Perform cleaning.

5. Food and pharmacy: Effective cleaning of structures such as biscuit oven bars, conveyor belts, dough mixers, ovens, oven racks, hobs, containers, and freezer inner walls. At the same time, it can prepare or remove Salmonella and Listeria.

6. Electronics industry: Including robots, automatic equipment internal grease, dirt cleaning, integrated circuit boards, post-welding flux, pollution coatings, resins, solvent coatings, protective coatings, and photosensitive anti-corrosion agents on printed circuit boards.

7. Ink removal in printing industry.

8. Others: It can be widely used in the cleaning of precision membrane tools, foam and PVC, rubber membrane tools, solid fuel membrane tools, aluminum or PVC structural products and various special-shaped products.

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