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Name:LNW series 360-1400KW

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1. Cast aluminum heat exchanger, strong corrosion resistance, fast heat exchange speed

2. High-efficiency pre-mixing technology: Full pre-mixing combustion technology and pre-mixing air and gas in the best ratio before combustion can ensure full combustion and effectively reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. NOx emissions as low as 8mg/m2

3. Condensation environmental protection technology: The aluminum condensing heat exchanger can liquefy the high-temperature flue gas produced by combustion, and further utilize the phase change energy produced by this part of liquefaction to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler and save the gas consumed per unit of calorific value. Thermal efficiency up to 107%

4. 15-100% stepless frequency conversion adjustment.

5. The difference between the flue gas temperature and the boiler return water temperature is 3-5°, which is highly efficient and energy-saving.

6. It can be matched with building automation system. It can control the temperature of each area, the temperature of domestic hot water, the temperature of swimming and the solar energy system at the same time.

7. Compact design: small size, small footprint

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1. Boiler design and manufacturing quality are in compliance with Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Special (2003) document Annex 2 (Acceptance Conditions for Small and Atmospheric Hot Water Boilers) and "Small and Atmospheric Hot Water Boilers"

"Regulations on Furnace Safety Supervision".

2. The heating surface material and welding rod and wire used in the boiler have quality certificates.

3. The steel used in the boiler should comply with the regulations of GB700 and GB8163.

4. Boiler welding must be performed by welders who have passed the training and examination.

5. The boiler should have automatic protection device.

6. It should conform to GB1576-2001 industrial boiler water quality.

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