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Name:LNE series 300-700KG

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1. Exemption of boiler inspection and operation permit-the product has a water volume of less than 29.5L and a pressure of 1.0/1.3/1.6MPa. Within the scope of exemption of boiler inspection specified by the country, this type of boiler does not require a boiler use certificate and does not require Boiler annual inspection, no personnel operation certificate is required, and it is convenient and simple to use;

2. Multiple interlocking safety protection-electronic overpressure protection, mechanical safety valve overpressure protection, water shortage protection, leakage protection, overheating protection, burner flameout protection, water level logic error protection, etc.;

3. Internationally advanced vertical tubular water-tube boiler structure-the tubular boiler has no drum, and the boiler body is composed of upper and lower headers, tubes, etc., so it is one of the safest boiler structures among all boilers;

4. Equipped with integrated (energy saving + condensation) condensing heat exchanger-high-temperature economizer and low-temperature condenser are equipped for flue gas tail discharge, the exhaust gas temperature is as low as 65℃, and the condensation of water vapor produced by natural gas combustion releases a large amount of high latent heat value , The boiler feed water absorbs this part of the heat and enters the boiler with a thermal efficiency of more than 99%; the condensing heat exchanger is made of ND anti-corrosion steel, which is durable;

5. Steam generation in 2 minutes-the tubular boiler has a small water capacity and short steaming time. It only takes 2 minutes to produce steam. The rated steam pressure can be reached in 4 minutes, and the use of steam is fast and flexible;

6. Innovative downcomer water pipe arrangement-the downcomer for water circulation is added to ensure the reasonable water circulation of the boiler;

7. Humanized industrial appearance design-beautiful and compact appearance design, small footprint, integrated design, extremely convenient installation, maintenance, and operation.

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1. Boiler design and manufacturing are selected in accordance with the "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations".

2. The heating surface material and welding rod and wire used in the boiler should have a quality certificate.

3. Boiler manufacturing is carried out in accordance with JB/T1618 "Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Pressure Components of Boiler Shell Boilers".

4. Boiler welding is carried out in accordance with JB/T1613 "Technical Conditions for Welding Boiler Pressure Components".

5. The welding of boiler pressure components must be performed by welders who have passed the examination of "Examination and Management Rules for Welders of Boiler, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe".

6. Boiler non-destructive flaw detection test According to JB/T4730 "pressure-bearing equipment non-destructive detection" and "Steam Boiler Safety Technical Supervision Regulations" Article 82, the welded seam should be 100% flaw detected, and the quality is not lower than II and qualified.

7. After the boiler is manufactured, it shall be carried out in accordance with JB/T1612 "Technical Conditions for Boiler Hydraulic Test", and the test pressure is 1.2MPa.

8. Refer to the relevant regulations of JB/T1615-91 for the paint, packaging and transportation of the boiler

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